Your spine has been with you from the very beginning. Through thick and thin, your spine always has your back. You two have been through everything together, and pretty much always will. Our spines allow us to move and grow, and it even protects our nervous system, which helps give us the sensation of touch. Your spine can handle immense forces that allow you to do things you believe to be mundane. Because of all this, you should at the very least support your spine every now and then somehow. In today’s blog, Chiro FIRST, the best chiropractor in Lincoln, NE, will go over some of the healthiest things you can do to help support your spine and possibly prevent future injuries or discomfort.

Take a Hikeshallow focus photography of person walking on road between grass

While a full-on hike isn’t always necessary, simply taking a walk can help strengthen your spine. Low-impact aerobic exercises can help benefit your spine greatly. Walking, for example, can help strengthen the muscles that help support the spine. It can also help your spine and other parts of your body heal by sending nutrients and oxygen to the spine and parts of the body that may need a little TLC. Low-impact aerobic exercises can help improve your overall flexibility while also reinforcing the spine. Just make sure that when you walk you’re practicing proper walking form (shoulders straight, head held high, stomach slightly drawn into you) and that your doctor approves of your exercise so that you don’t accidentally injure yourself more.

Eating Healthily

Everyone loves junk food — it’s one of the best things in life. Nothing tastes better than your favorite candy bar or that double bacon burger with fries from your favorite fast-food place. While partaking in these things every now and then is completely fine, sticking to a healthy diet is important for your overall health as well as the optimum health of your spine. Foods high in saturated fats (butter, fried foods, red meat), highly processed foods, and things like soda and coffee can have an adverse effect on your spine’s health and could make it take longer to heal whenever it’s injured. Eating things like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean sources of protein can help your spine heal and grow.

Standing More

Sitting can be relaxing and very much needed after a long day. It can help us unwind and feel at ease. The only problem with sitting is that it can put a lot of pressure on your lower back. In fact, it can put up to three times as much pressure on the discs of your lower body compared to standing. While sitting is great to help relax, excessive sitting can cause serious health issues for your spine. Finding time to stand up either at work or at home can be a great way to alleviate spinal pressure and allow your body to heal. Using a standing desk, finding a comfortable pair of supportive shoes, and setting daily reminders can all help you stand more and sit less both at work and at home.

Other healthy habits for your spine:

  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Using a supportive mattress and pillows
  • Doing core (abdominal and lower back) workouts
  • Practicing good posture
  • Use the right chair while sitting

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