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How Do I Choose Between a Chiropractor and a Physical Therapist?


When you’re dealing with pain due to an illness, injury, or for unknown reasons, visiting a healthcare professional could help. You can rely on two professionals to help with this problem — physical therapists and chiropractors. While both fields share a common goal of reducing pain and improving mobility, they have many differences.

Chiropractic First, a practice dedicated to providing the best chiropractor care in Lincoln, NE, compares what chiropractors and physical therapists do to help you decide which professional to consult.

Physical Therapist working on patient

Primary Treatment Focus

The main focus of physical therapists is on improving strength and mobility due to an accident, injury, or surgery. PTs are professionals that help patients in restoring normal body function through rehabilitation. On the other hand, a chiropractor targets musculoskeletal and nervous system issues to address health problems. While physical therapists pay more attention to joint function, chiropractors emphasize spine alignment and optimizing the nervous system.

Treatment Methods and Techniques

Chiropractors and PTs also treat patients in different ways. Physical therapists use mobilization techniques to achieve pain-free movement. PTs may also use massages and exercises. Chiropractors take a more hands-on approach through the vertebra and joint manipulation. Chiropractic adjusting techniques focus on aligning the spine through a combination of massages, laser treatments, therapy, and manipulations to address the cause of pain.
Physical Therapist helping patient lift a small weight
Chiropractor aligning patients back

Workspace and Equipment

While both chiropractors and PTs require multiple and recurring sessions, where they conduct treatment often varies. You can find physical therapists assisting patients in many environments — they can work in clinics, nursing and rehabilitation centers, schools, homes, and offices. Meanwhile, a chiropractor provides patient care in clinics since they need specialized equipment for making spinal adjustments.

Approach to Patient Care

Physical therapists often work as employees while most chiropractors build their practice. Chiropractors who own the practice, enjoy more autonomy and flexibility. So, doctors can provide additional services to patients seeking care and follow their treatment philosophy and approach to healing. Practices like Chiro First may also teach proper nutrition and offer self-care advice to help patients achieve the best quality of life.
Person showing chiropractor his elbow
Find the right healthcare professional to eliminate pain and discomfort from your life. Proper treatment keeps you healthier and happier. Take a holistic approach to treatment and address the source of your pain by getting the best chiropractor care in Lincoln. Schedule an appointment at Chiropractic First and start your journey to achieving true health.

True health care should be affordable, so we offer amazing service for an exceptional fee. In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Krueger is a certified Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner and Nutritional Counselor – which is just one way we’re different from other Lincoln chiropractors. Contact us to schedule your first appointment and get started on your road to true health.

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