No doubt the phrase “Sit up straight!” is still ringing in your ears from all the times your parents reminded you to be aware of your posture. But while you may not have taken it as seriously then, it’s important to maintain good posture as you age. Chiropractic FIRST specializes in helping patients in the Lincoln area live their best life by getting rid of blockages in the nervous system, which can be aggravated by poor posture habits. You can help yourself maintain proper physical health and prevent unnecessary back and neck pain before it gets any worse.

Reduces Back & Neck Pain

Our chiropractic practices focus largely on removing interferences from the nervous system, which reconnects the brain to other areas of the body. This means self-healing processes can begin once again. Poor posture can be one of the causes of these blockages, which can allow back and neck pain to both manifest and worsen. It’s important for your body to be properly aligned, which can be best achieved by practicing good posture regularly. If you make the commitment to keep reminding yourself, you may be able to feel a significant difference.

Prevents Muscle & Joint Fatigue

It’s natural for your body’s muscles and joints to undergo wear and tear as you go about everyday life year after year. However, if you don’t maintain good posture, it can place unneeded and unwarranted stress on both your muscles and joints and cause them to deteriorate at a faster rate. Our experts at Chiropractic FIRST can jump-start the recovery process if regular movement is particularly difficult or painful; but you can take preventive measures right now. Improving the way you carry yourself means preventing early fatigue and keeping every part of your body in proper alignment.

Prevents Poor Spinal Health

Slouching is a common practice, but one that is dangerous to your overall chiropractic health. The natural curve of the spine needs to be maintained in order to ensure the weight of your upper body is balanced and well-supported. When you fall into poor posture habits, it causes the balance to be thrown off and forces other ligaments in your spine to carry an extra load. In order to prevent long-lasting health conditions, you can implement simple lifestyle changes, such as being aware of your body when sitting, driving, etc. Now is the time to save yourself from outrageously painful spinal conditions, such as a slipped disc or osteoarthritis.

Promotes Healthy Digestion

When eating, whether it be at your desk or kitchen table, your digestive system needs to be able to process nutrients and take advantage of your food. If you don’t sit up straight while eating, it can impact how your abdominal organs and overall digestive system function; this causes everything to slow down and can eventually lead to conditions like:

  • Decreased energy
  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Acid reflux

Contact Chiropractic FIRST For Pain Relief & Wellness

It may take a bit of time to retrain yourself and actively maintain good posture, but the benefits can last you a lifetime. However, if you are still experiencing excessive and persistent back or neck pain, contact Chiropractic FIRST for a full consultation. Your ability to go about everyday activities should not be impacted by pain, and our experts can provide a personalized, step-by-step plan to reduce it naturally. Dr. Krueger is also proud to offer services for children as well, if you have concerns about their posture and overall wellness. Contact us today!