While chiropractic care is known to help adults with injury recovery and overall wellness, chiropractors are also able to help with the wellness of newborns! At Chiro FIRST in Lincoln, Nebraska, we specialize in helping our clients develop and live a healthy life. If you have or have not heard of bringing your newborn to a chiropractor, there are tons of benefits to doing so! Reach out to us today to find out more!

Supports Physical Development

By loosening up joints and properly aligning your newborn’s back, you free up their body’s ability to grow smoothly and can prevent spinal problems. If you are interested in giving your newborn the best possible chance to develop well, reach out to Chiro FIRST today!

It Can Ease Colic Symptoms

If your newborn is suffering from Colic, you are likely looking for ways to help your newborn find comfort. Colic can result in gas getting trapped in your baby’s gut, causing discomfort. Gentle treatment from an experienced chiropractor can release that gas and help relieve your child’s discomfort!

It Improves the Immune System

When your child’s spine is out of alignment, their immune system may be inhibited. Pinched or pressured nerves can prevent your newborn’s immune system from working properly. Reach out to Chiro FIRST for some of the best chiropractor care in Lincoln, Nebraska to help strengthen your baby’s immune system!

It Limits Fussiness and Irritability

Misaligned joints and a misaligned spine can cause a lot of discomfort in your newborn. If your child is being fussy or irritable, a misaligned body might be the cause! Reach out to Chiro FIRST today if you have questions about getting chiropractic care for your newborn!

Chiropractic care can be a huge help to support overall wellness in adults and newborns. If you are looking for ways to potentially help your newborn to grow and be comfortable, Chiro FIRST may be able to help! Reach out to us today for some of the best chiropractic care in Lincoln.