Does your back hurt? Millions of Americans deal with back pain, yet many do not know the cause behind their discomfort. As your Top Rated® Local chiropractor in Lincoln, Chiropractic FIRST is here to help set the stage for a lifetime of comfort and healthy living. We know what it takes to achieve lasting health, and we’re ready to help personalize your treatment.

You can listen to your back pain to see what it is telling you about your health. Keep reading for five common causes of back pain, and be sure to schedule your appointment if you’re ready for relief!

Your Posture Is Not Perfect

Poor office ergonomics can have a big impact on your spine. Slight issues with posture can add up over a 40-hour work week, such as not having your feet flat on the floor or not having your screens adjusted to a neutral looking position. Over time, this tension can cause discomfort along your bones, ligaments, joints, and discs. Quitting your job is likely not the best option, but proper ergonomics (combined with quality chiropractic care) can help to make work more comfortable and sustainable!

You’re On Your Phone Too Much

Modern technology has made us all reliant on our cell phones, causing many of us to spend long hours looking down at our hands. This head-down position is not natural and can result in an uncomfortable condition called ‘text neck’. Slumping your neck and rounding your shoulders naturally puts a lot of the weight on your spine, leading to back pain. This condition only worsens over time, so be sure to change up your posture and take some steps to reduce the hunch.

You Are Too Stressed

In small amounts, stress can be beneficial for keeping the body alert and productive. However, this tension can cause the muscles in your back and neck to tighten up. Stressed individuals may find themselves dealing with back pain more often, especially if they are exacerbating previous problems with their anxiety. Stressing about this pain won’t help! Take some time to focus on centering and calming yourself. Simple techniques may help here in preventing stress-induced back pain, as well as a call to your chiropractor.

Your Discs are Compromised

Many Americans deal with back pain due to aging, strenuous activity, or family genetics, and this pain is directly related to discomfort along the discs of the spine. These shock absorbers provide cushioning between your vertebrae, but a bulge or rupture can disrupt the balance and cause serious problems such as sciatica. It’s important to address this back pain to achieve comfort and reduce issues with future inflammation.

Something Else Is Going On

Back pain can be caused by many sources, but most issues tend to go away within six weeks or so. If you’re dealing with unbearable back pain or issues such as fever and numbness, it is recommended to seek immediate medical help. In other cases, you can talk with your physician to ensure that health problems, such as infection or cancer, are not the cause. You know your body better than anyone, so if you suspect something else is causing your pain, then we recommend seeking help from a trusted professional.

Chiropractic FIRST is your trusted team for chiropractic care in Lincoln, Nebraska. We take a holistic approach to back pain relief and will be happy to discuss your needs and goals for whole-body health. Contact us online to learn more about our chiropractors and be sure to schedule your first appointment!