When you think of the most important body parts every human needs, there are a few that may stand out from the rest. After you’re asked what you think the most important body part might be, you might initially think about the heart, the brain, or maybe even the lungs. These are all vital body parts that allow humans and other animals to function the way that they do, however without a spine, those body parts wouldn’t be able to be used to their full potential. In today’s blog, Chiro FIRST, the best chiropractor in Lincoln, Nebraska, will go over some interesting facts about your spine that you may not have known before.

1 – Babies Have More Spinal Bonesman massaging woman's body

When humans are born, we have 33 bones along our spinal column. This is mainly due to the fact that, as babies, our coccyx and sacral bones are separated. However, as we grow, and develop, the coccyx and sacral bones eventually fuse together, forming two separate bones rather than two large groups of bones. When our bodies are finally fully developed, we eventually have 26 spinal bones. While this is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens as humans grow, other forms of spinal fusion can also happen because of certain diseases, causing discomfort and pain.

2 – Curved Spines Are Stronger

While we may not think of it very often, the spine is what allows us humans a wide range of motion. Without our spines, or rather without access to the full capabilities of our spines, we wouldn’t be able to move as well as we could, if at all. If you’ve ever seen a diagram of the human spine, you may have noticed that it isn’t perfectly straight. This helps to make the spine more limber, giving it the strength necessary to handle the large amounts of stress that everyday movement puts on your spine. The natural S shape of your spine allows it handle body weight distribution more easily while also allowing us to move in several different directions.

3 – Spines Shrink With Age

Remember that old wives’ tale about people shrinking as they get older? Well, it turns out that rumor is actually true. As we get older, the space between the discs of our spine get smaller and smaller. This causes us to become shorter and smaller as we get older. This is a natural occurrence that happens to every human as they get older no matter how healthy or tall they originally were. Spinal shrinkage is nothing to fear and usually begins after the age of 40 at around ⅓ of an inch every 10 years. Back pain that may arise because of this can be treated in a number of different ways, with regular visits to your local chiropractor being one of the best options for a number of individuals.

4 – A Quarter Of Your Spine Is Cartilage

A lot of body parts are made out of or encorporate cartilage in some way. Your nose and ears are largely made out of cartilage. Major joints like your knees and shoulders use cartilage to reduce friction on bones, helping to preserve their longevity and reduce pain. Your spine is no different, using cartilage around the outside of bones in order to reduce friction and make it easier for the body to move. With 220 different ligaments, 100 joints, and 33 individual vertebra, your spine will need a fair amount of cartilage in order to ensure that you can move comfortably during your entire life.

5 – Spines Protect The Nervous System

While they’re often used synonymously in some forms of media or conversation, the spine and the spinal cord are two different things. The spine refers to the bones, ligaments, muscles, and vertebrae that connects the top half of your body to the lower half while also allowing you to move in several different directions. The spinal cord, more commonly referred to as the nervous system, is the highway of nerves that travels throughout your body. This highway sends signals from every part of your body to the brain, where they’re then translated into certain physical feelings, such as hot, cold, pain, pleasure, and more. The spine protects your nervous system, making it one of the most important body parts you have.

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