1. Dr. Kruger made a very good impression on me and I trust him.

    I look forward to getting well and staying well. Dr. Kruger made a very good impression on me and I trust him. My gut instincts tell me I’m in the right place.…Read More

    Peggy L.
  2. Extremely Knowledgeable

    When a friend first recommended that I see Dr Jamey, I was hesitant because I already had a chiropractor with whom I was happy. When I finally did go, I was glad I did. That was more than 2 yrs ago, and I still go for regular adjustments to maintain my health. Dr Jamey is so caring; he really has a passion for helping people to be well. He stays informed about new techniques, and is extremely know…Read More

    Kim J.
  3. My Health Has Greatly Improved

    I started using Wellness First with Dr. Jamey Kruger after my husband started. They had given him a great deal on services, however, that is not the reason I started going. I started going because of the startling information Dr. Kruger was able to give my husband on his current health and his future health with regards to his spine condition. I knew after my initial visit that this would become a…Read More

    Ahtena T.
  4. I Feel Better Than I Have for Years

    I've been going to Chiropractic FIRST for 2 1/2 years and have been receiving weekly adjustments. I first went for a back injury but have been helped with other ailments that have popped up. I feel better than I have for years. I plan on bicycling to work next week for the first time in almost 20 years…Read More

    Mark M.
  5. I Would Recommend Chiropractic First to Everyone

    I started going to Chiropractic First in March for Daily dizzy spells and I have seen great improvement in my dizziness. Jamey is very knowledgeable about how everything works and takes the time to explain it to you. He also takes the times to explain everything to kids even when they don't care. I would recommend Chiropractic First to everyone.…Read More

    Jennifer W.
  6. The Adjustments Have Helped Me Immensely

    A friend referred me to Dr. Jamey last October . I am grateful she did. I hadn't seen a chiropractor in years and was shy of them. He and Charity are very friendly, thorough and knowledgeable about their work. The adjustments have helped me immensely after I was in an auto accident. They worked great with my Ins company and i had no out of pocket expenses up to the end of the treatment in March. I…Read More

    Jane B.
  7. I Feel 1000x Better

    I started seeing Dr. Jamey last winter about lower back pain when I sleep. Being in the medical/science field myself I see and hear many theories about medication and healthcare but the knowledge and incite that Dr. Jamey shares is simple to follow and incredibly practical. I have also had high blood pressure for many years that doctors have deemed as hereditary since I am neither over weight nor …Read More

    Chase P.
  8. Incredible!

    I'm a 64 year old male who has led a very active lifestyle and I want to continue my lifestyle but was struggling with assorted muscle strains and pain. I first visited with Dr Jamey in February of 2014. Of the many benefits I've received from chiropractic care the one that I have experienced lately is my quicker recovery time after a minor strain or pull. I baled hay this summer and I play racque…Read More

    Terry P.
  9. Definitely the Best I’ve Been To

    I've been going to chiropractors for years, and Dr. Jamey is definitely the best I've been to. He will really look for the root of the problem and give you plenty of options to fix it. Great care in a friendly place with staff that really know their stuff!…Read More

    Kelsey G.
  10. Truly Lifesavers!

    I've been going to Chiropractic First for the last 5 months, they are amazing!! I was diagnosed with a disease that I would have to take medication for the rest of my life and thanks to Chiropractic First I may not have to! They are truly lifesavers!…Read More

    Kathryn K.