1. You Will Be in Great Hands

    I have been seeing Dr. Jamey since January of this year and have had wonderful results... I am never sore afterwards, my problem areas feel better than ever and I sleep better! I feel confident in Dr. Jamey's abilities to help that I bring my kids to see him as well:) I believe that you will be in great hands if you come see Dr. Jamey for you and your families needs!…Read More

    Lisa O.
  2. The BEST Chiropractor I Know

    I have seen several chiropractors throughout my life. Dr. Jamey is the only one that kept me out of pain. Getting weekly adjustments was still routine for my life, however it was keeping me out of pain, rather than constantly trying to fix it. He is the BEST chiropractor I know. Very smart and a genuine heart!…Read More

    Jessika N.
  3. We Trust Him Completely

    My husband and I have been going to Chiropractic First for adjustments with Dr. Jamey for 4 years now and absolutely love the office. We are expecting our first baby any day now and plan to bring he/she in to the office for regular adjustments as well. Dr. Jamey is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything clearly; that's why we trust him completely with our family's health.…Read More

    Charity P.
  4. So Welcoming and Personable

    Dr. Jamey and his staff are so welcoming and personable! I look forward to seeing him each week and would like to get my entire family in as well!…Read More

    Kayla Waddell
  5. A Very Friendly Place

    Chiropractic First is a very friendly place. Every time you walk in the door you're welcomed with a greet and a genuine smile. I've been going here for about 2.5 years now and I would get a numbing pain on the right side of my back at random times. Since I've been going regularly the pain hasn't occurred. I trust Dr. Jamey with my health because it goes further than an adjustment, he is eager to t…Read More

    Katey P.
  6. An Extraordinary Chiropractor

    Dr. Jamey is an extraordinary chiropractor! Both of our children had health issues, but with Dr. Jamey's innovative style of chiropractic care, both of my children are doing so much better! I was a true skeptic of chiropractors before going to Chiropractic First but Dr. Jamey completely changed that! I truly believe in Chiropractic care with the help & support of Dr. Jamey! I would recommend h…Read More

    Tracy Z.
  7. A Holistic Approach

    Dr. Jamey helped me with major back, shoulder and neck problems when other chiropractors couldn't. That was several years ago and I've been a loyal patient ever since. Now he also treats other members of my family. I appreciate that fact that he takes a holistic approach to natural wellness through nutrition and supplement education as well. Dr. Jamey and his staff help me be at my best every sing…Read More

    Julie H.
  8. Excellent Work

    I love going to Dr. Jamey, he does excellent work and Always has great advice and tips for a healthy lifestyle.…Read More

    Courtney M.
  9. He Helped Our Son Hear Again

    We can't thank enough Dr. Jamey. He helped our son hear again. Our son had liquid buildup behind his ears and because his eustachian tubes we're blocked that liquid was stuck there blocking the eardrums from vibrating and he could not hear well due to this. Dr. Jamey started treating our son and in less than a month we've started to see progress, his ears started to pop and in about 2.5 months his…Read More

  10. Highly Recommended

    This is the best place to go for chiropractic care in Lincoln! Dr. Jamey is so knowledgeable and takes time to explain in detail every adjustment and the benefits of each one. You can tell that they care about each and everyone that walks through their doors. Highly recommend!…Read More

    Kendall W.