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High Tech/High Caring Lincoln Chiropractor Offers Personalized Care

Chiropractic First offers our Lincoln chiropractic patients state of the art technology combined with a True Health Paradigm to help keep you healthy for life. Our truly holistic approach to your total health means we are the chiropractor in Lincoln who will address the cause of your issues, rather than covering up the symptoms.

We Focus On Health, Not Illness at Chiropractic First

As Dr. Jamey Krueger explains, “Our goal is to keep patients healthy for
life by providing skills and habits that add years to your life, and life to
your years. It’s my personal goal that no practice member ever be in a
nursing home.” Our approach is to address lifestyle factors that may be
complicating the issue, so we focus on nutrition, mobility, fitness,
mindset, stress, lifestyle coaching and detoxification.

Law of Fair Exchange

True health care should be affordable, so we offer amazing
service for an exceptional fee. In addition to chiropractic
care, Dr. Krueger is a certified Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner
and Nutritional Counselor – which is just one way we’re different
from other Lincoln chiropractors.

Call Chiropractic First to schedule your first appointment and
get started on your road to true health.

Dr. Jamey Krueger, Chiropractor Lincoln | Chiropractic First | Phone: (402) 421-7000