Our Lincoln Chiropractic office utilizes a blend of the best Chiropractic Adjusting Techniques known today. We strive to focus on a tonal approach to adjusting, but recognizing that each patient is an individual, we utilize both postural and segmental adjusting when deemed appropriate.

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Our office philosophy is simple:

  1. God created all of us perfect, in his image
  2. As such, our bodies are intelligent and have an amazing capacity to self-heal and self-regulate
  3. This amazing intelligence, which we call INNATE, communicates and coordinates through our nervous systems
  4. When our nervous system functions at 100%, we have 100% healing capacity and 100% life expression
  5. 3 flavors of stressors (physical, chemical, and emotional) combine uniquely in each of us and block our body’s unique self-healing abilities, by creating blockages in our nervous system, what we as chiropractors call SUBLUXATION
  6. These blockages decrease nerve tone in our vital organs, allowing for the insidious setting in of disease to whatever the affected nerves control
  7. Specific chiropractic adjustments REMOVE nervous system interference, reconnecting the brain to the body, and restoring the body’s self-healing capabilities once again
  8. Like a combination lock, subluxations need to be addressed in a particular order to be truly released. If a lock’s combination is 5-7-9 and one continually tries 7-9-5 or 9-7-5, it will never open. The same is true for subluxations
  9. Similar to above, at any given time, an individual generally has about 10 different subluxations, 1-3 primary and 7 compensations. If we continually address the compensations and ignore the primary subluxations, it allows the problem to grow deeper. Our Lincoln chiropractic office specifically analyzes your body’s nervous system reflexes to determine where and in what order you need your primary subluxations removed, to allow for maximal healing.
  10. Finally, after your nerve blockages have been removed and your body’s healing capacity restored, we aim at our office to help minimize the reoccurrence of these subluxations. Since the 3 stress flavors cause subluxation, we teach our patients how to minimize the physical, chemical, and emotional stressors, to keep them at bay.

As your top local chiropractor, we can utilize either lower force or traditional manual adjusting techniques to best suit our patients. Contact us today to learn more to schedule your appointment.

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Our Specific Healing Techniques Include:

Tonal Techniques

  • KST – Koren Specific Technique
  • TRT – Torque Release Technique
  • MC2

Postural Techniques

  • Pettibon
  • CBP – Chiropractic Biophysics

Segmental Techniques

  • Palmer Package, including but not limited to: Gonstead, Diversified, Activator, and Toggle Recoil

Specialty Techniques

  • Pediatric Adjusting
  • Webster Technique
  • Extremities