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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Lincoln

Pregnant woman on tableWe want our bodies to function at as high a level as possible at all times. This becomes even more important during pregnancy. While this can be a beautiful time in a woman’s life, it can also have some major discomforts, annoyances, and pain along the way.

Chiropractic care is so safe that Dr. Jamey can’t imagine any woman going through pregnancy without getting adjusted. It’s actually one of the most important times to get adjusted. Research shows that moms who get regular adjustments during pregnancy benefit from vastly reduced labor times, more comfortable labor, and reduced pain throughout the pregnancy. And it allows vital nerve flow to the baby for optimal growth and development.

When you free up the Mom’s nervous system, it allows the baby to form more properly. Because there’s no interruption in the communication between them, the baby can grow the way God intended.

Taking a Personalized Approach to Your Care

Keeping moms healthy is our goal. We treat every mom on a case-by-case basis, so there are no cookie-cutter procedures. While we recommend care throughout the entire pregnancy, women can benefit no matter when they begin. Weekly or bi-weekly visits are typically suggested.

Everyone responds differently, as they are exposed to different stressors, which cause their subluxations. Each individual has their own unique challenges in their lives. Our care plan is designed to address your special needs.

If Mom’s stressed out, frustrated, tired, and anxious, her baby will be too. By correcting any misalignments and removing nerve interference, chiropractic adjustment helps put Mom in a more relaxed state.

Woman touching pregnant belly

What to Expect

When the woman comes in, we’ll do our nerve scans, which are completely safe for Mom and her baby. After review, Dr. Jamey will advise if we can help them, how we can help, and what to expect. Chiropractic care ensures everything is properly aligned and functioning. Making adjustments to the pelvis helps relieve the discomfort that accompanies pregnancy.

Comfort for our moms is key, so the adjusting tables are modified to accommodate their growing bellies. We use soft tissue techniques, instrument adjustment, Thompson Drop Table, and Webster Technique, as needed. There’s no twisting involved, and we never touch the baby at any time.

Benefits for You and Your Baby

Some benefits our patients have seen include:

  • Helps maintain good health throughout the pregnancy
  • Helps control morning sickness due to pressure on the nerve
  • Relieves back, neck and joint pain from carrying around the extra weight of the baby
  • Gives Baby space to move into optimal birthing position
  • Labor and delivery are quicker and less painful
  • Faster postpartum recovery from the changes in your pelvis
  • And more

We’ll help you have a healthier, happier pregnancy, knowing your baby is enjoying optimal conditions for the best birth experience for both of you.

Learn More Today

Discover how natural chiropractic care helps you enjoy your pregnancy with less pain and frustration. Contact Chiropractic FIRST today to make an appointment.

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